Compliance Experts Rightlander Launch New Tools to Pre-Screen Content

Rightlander, the advertising and affiliate compliance specialist, has launched Screen to help brands assess partner suitability for inclusion and ongoing participation in affiliate programs.

In an age of ever-increasing scrutiny, networks, agencies and operators need to be sure that affiliates and third party partners are conscious of their obligations to market brands in an ethical and compliant way.

Marketing departments need to assess the suitability of affiliate sites before partnering and monitor affiliates once they have joined a program, but this can be a massive drain on time and resources.

Rightlander Screen uses on demand crawling technology to check affiliate sites for red flag markers and to check new content does not present a regulatory risk or represent a negative brand sentiment.

Rightlander crawlers deep dive into sites and can detect profanities, unmoderated content, references to hate speech, pornography, extremism and violence, mentions of controlled substances or prescription drugs and similar red flags, presenting operators with a quick analysis and helping them decide if the affiliate is suitable and safe to work with.

An additional benefit for brands is that the crawlers can also be customised to not only filter the “red flag” terms but to also provide insight into the content of the site. This helps them understand the topics and brands a partner is working with to better assess suitability. The crawlers also help to identify specific pages on the site that could offer optimal performance.

Ian Simsfounder of said:

“Screen represents a step change in the way that firms can filter their marketing partners to ensure that they have the right type of content on site.  Brands cannot afford to be tainted by affiliates who promote unsavoury content and Screen provides a one-stop solution to help quickly and efficiently flag affiliates that don’t meet requirements necessary. ”

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