Gaming Realms Licensed to Operate in Connecticut

Gaming Realms just “unlocked” the door to Connecticut after being granted the required license by the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection.

Since it obtained Slingo in 2015, Gaming Realms has been planning and steadily implementing its strategy to distribute the game worldwide, resulting in the creation of hundreds of Slingo sites in the United Kingdom (mainly), America and Canada.

In the announcement, Gaming Realms confirms its goals:

“The Company’s strategy to sign multi-state deals and direct integration agreements with some of the largest operators in the US has also put us in a stronger position for our Slingo content to go live in a shorter time frame and to capitalize on market growth as more states look to regulate iGaming.

The Company’s expansion outside of North America is progressing as expected, and our Slingo games have recently gone live in Italy with Lottomatica, which is that country’s largest operator.”

Gaming Realms has already succeeded in obtaining licenses for Slingo games in 4 US states: Michigan, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Connecticut, while it recently made a very important deal with Soft2Bet.

The promotion and distribution of Gaming Realms Slingo Games in Connecticut will be conducted by the two leading sports technology and entertainment companies, DraftKings and FanDuel Group. The partnerships with DraftKings and FanDuel Group pave the way for the next states to follow, as they have an already well-established network and licenses in a total of 19 states.

DraftKings is listed on Nasdaq and licensed in 19 US states, including Connecticut. Similarly, FanDuel Group also holds a license in Connecticut and 15 other states in the US.

The integration and distribution of Slingo games on their platforms is expected to be completed by the end of 2022, as Michael Buckley stated in his earlier announcement.

The license in Connecticut followed the opening of the Canadian market, as Gaming Realms on April 22 of this year obtained a license to make Slingo games available in Ontario. At the same time, the company has been granted approval for the Quebec state lottery, Loto Québec. All of the above coordinated actions are related to the company’s expansion and consolidation in North America, as part of its global market penetration.

It’s worth noting that Gaming Realms’ stock has risen by 4.4% on the London Stock Exchange, while the company is constantly launching new Slingo games. Perhaps the next big thing in online gaming is right before our eyes!

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