The Current State of Gaming Technology

Every month, there are new developments in gaming technology to make it even better. 

This article aims to talk about the latest developments in gaming technology and how it affects the development of new games. 

Mobile Gaming

Due to the rise of smartphones, gaming companies have been able to create more powerful and entertaining games that are designed to take on the offerings of the traditional console. These games are typically scaled-down versions of popular titles that are designed for a wider audience. Mobile games are comfortable to play even while you’re not at your home. The mobile gaming market has also started to include a mobile casino.

Voice Recognition

Voice recognition has been already widely used in the gaming industry for a long time and computers can now perform various tasks that the user has asked for.

In addition to gaming consoles, voice recognition can also be used to play games through the home pod systems of Google, Amazon, and other companies. 

Facial Recognition

Google Nest, Amazon, and other companies have started to use facial recognition to play games. Intel’s RealSense camera, which is a 3D sensing technology, can be used to capture a user’s facial expressions and then use them in their games. By allowing developers to create different facial expressions, gaming platforms can now determine the difficulty level of their games.

Gesture Recognition

In addition to facial recognition, now computers can also recognize gestures, such as the kick of an ankle or the sound of a movement. Some of the most prominent gaming platforms, such as Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft, have already implemented this tech. The first instance of the technology being used in the gaming industry was in 2008 when Microsoft released the Xbox 360.

Phenomenal Graphics

Despite technological advancements, the quality of gaming consoles still remains a major concern for the industry. With the upcoming release of next-generation systems that can display 8K graphics, it is expected that the gaming industry will continue improving. However, it is also possible that the industry will adopt 16K graphics owing to its release over the next couple of years.

Despite the various technological advancements being made in the gaming industry, it is still not possible to predict when the computer scene will be able to achieve the highest level of quality, nonetheless, the developers can now create games that are more realistic and interactive.

Virtual Reality

One of the most prominent virtual reality headsets being used by the gaming industry is the headset from Facebook-owned company Oculus. Through this technology, users can now experience completely immersive gaming.

Aside from headsets, various accessories can also be used to enhance the experience of playing virtual reality games. For instance, floor mats can be used to allow users to seamlessly move around their games.

Cloud Gaming

Unlike traditional gaming consoles, cloud gaming allows users to stream games without a storage capacity issue. They work with Sony’s PS Now subscription service, which lets users play classic games from their old hardware.

Streaming Games

Most people prefer to stream games through Sony’s PS Now service since it doesn’t require them to wait for their games to arrive. However, other methods of gaming can also be used.

PS4 users can also stream their games through a Mac or Windows computer. This eliminates the need for a separate gaming device in the living room. It’s even better if the user wants to play their game while watching TV in another room.

Wearable Tech

Due to the rise of smart tech, wearable devices have become useful tools for people who want to improve their health. These can be used to track people’s activities and monitor their progress.

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