Play’n GO’s Releases ‘King’s Mask’ in Ancient Egyptian Series

Play’n GO’s impressive Ancient Egyptian series grows further with their latest release, King’s Mask.

Of all the Egyptian Pharaohs, King Tutankhamun is one of the most famous, and for good reason. His golden mask is recognisable across the world, but the treasures it hides are lesser known. There is a legend, a legend that says whoever lay their hands upon the golden mask of King Tut will be bestowed with unimaginable power and the fortune of riches worthy of a Pharaoh.

Destined to stand the test of time, this game is ideal for both new and experienced players.

This is the first time that King Tutankhamun has been introduced into the Play’n GO universe. Although fans of Play’n GO games might see a connection between King’s Mask and Legacy of Egypt where a Pharaoh makes an appearance on the reels. Could this be King Tut? Knowing the game supplier’s dedication to detail and their strong narrative prowess we think this might be the case.

Players can choose from three Free Spins features to shape their game. Players can pick from 15, 10, or 5 Free Spins, each features a different Multiplier and win up to x10,000 their total bet! The different Free Spin features allow players to try different features and gain different outcomes.

This beautifully designed game balances classic and contemporary for a fresh take on a much-loved theme.

Charlotte Miliziano, Head of Games at Play’n GO said:

“The opulence that Ancient Egypt narratives gods and pharaohs are forever popular among players as the content is so rich. But none is quite so famous as King Tut – minus Cleopatra of course. As much as we like to explore narratives and character dynamics, we also like to make classic styles of games. This dedication to variety within our portfolio is why players come back to our games time and time again. They know they’ll be something for them.”

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