Reflex Gaming Launches New Website

Reflex Gaming, an omni-channel games supplier based in the UK, has unveiled its new website. 

The new website has been re-designed to offer a clean and modern look and offers a user-friendly experience with improved navigation and functionality while allowing customers to get a sense of the company’s growing gaming portfolio.

New features will help users to navigate the site quickly and easily. They include:

  • Information about different machines and the Slingshot platform.
  • Game details, including gameplay videos, to assist affiliates and operators in gathering key information.
  • Easily contact Reflex Gaming’s technical support team – previously, customers were required to sign up, then get verified, before they could make contact online for support. This step has been simplified.
  • Visitors can access the company’s latest news, including game launches, press releases, and company updates.

Quentin Stott, MD of Reflex Gaming, said:

“We started this project with the goal of updating and refreshing the look and feel of the website, as well as making it easier for our clients to find key information.

We overhauled the old website to include design enhancements, usability and speed improvements, and other features that will enhance the overall browsing experience. We are very proud of our new site and hope our visitors feel the same.”

The website will regularly be updated with new games, blog posts and videos.


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