Everything You Need to Know About British Online Casinos

Looking for a new gambling site to register and play at is a tedious task. You could be seeking a new site offering ongoing promotions or an online casino site giving you sports wagering. This is how the gambling world goes, as we all look for different thrills.

Whilst the masses might tempt their luck at a non UK registered casino; the British casino scene is lucrative. Today we look at the history of gambling in the United Kingdom, whilst we also take a closer look at the role of the UKGC. We will also discuss problematic gambling and how the UKGC works hand in hand with British casinos to combat gambling addictions.

The history of gambling in the UK

In case you search for the history of gambling, you will realize that the battle between good and evil has been going on for decades in the UK. Racehorse wagering was the first, most primitive and recorded form of gambling, with greyhounds and lottery Gambling Acts being legalized and launched after that. This brings us to modern days where the National Lotteries Act was officially launched in the United Kingdom in 1994.

Nowadays, the governing body of gambling across the United Kingdom is watched over by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission and is one of the most significant pillars and advocates of safe gambling promotion. Whilst the UKGC regulated all UK-based and operational online casinos, it also promotes a safe space where players can enjoy gambling. Casinos that failed to abide by the terms and conditions of their UKGC gambling license are also heftily fined, with the UKGC stating that vocal licensing never being off the tables should UK online casinos fault.

What is a British online casino?

A British online casino is a gambling site with a UKGC Gambling license and operates in the UK Market. Transactions at British online casinos are usually done in GBP, with the player opting to use payment methods that support the currency.

Regarding games and content, a British online casino would offer games from providers operating in the United Kingdom and hold a UKGC endorsement. The games that you will most probably find include the following:

  • Slots
  • Live Casino
  • Table Games
  • Bingo
  • Scratch Cards
  • Sportsbook (wagering on sports)

Bonus offers in British online casinos

Whilst the UKGC takes a tough stance on gambling, they allow players based in the UK to receive promotions:

Welcome Offer – Welcome offers are granted to the player upon the first sign-up, followed by the first deposit.  Look at the casino welcome offer as a “thank you for joining our site” and a way to test the site. This promo usually grants you a 100% deposit bonus, and a specific amount of free bonus spins to get you started.

VIP Loyalty Program – With a massive amount of UK online casinos to choose from, online sites compete to find and retain players. One of the retention strategies includes offering a loyalty program that will see punters accumulate points for every wager they make at an online casino. Collecting a specific amount of loyalty points will see you move up levels and climb the online casino’s social ladder whilst landing freebies.

Mid-Week Offers – Whilst many players enjoy gambling the most during the weekend, casinos launch some cool mid-week offers to get you spinning and hopefully winning. Logging into your favourite go-to UK Casino site during mid-week will see you get deposit bonuses, free bonus spins, and potentially other offers.

Cashback Offers – For most casinos, Monday is the slowest day for players to make it to their go-to gambling site. However, many UK Casinos offer their player base a % on all their losses from the previous week’s play. This is what casino cashback is all about and is credited on Mondays most of the time.

Slot Tournaments – Gamification has become one of the most prominent pillars in today’s gaming world.

How to find the best online casino in the UK

We are all on a quest to find the best online casino in the UK, but truth be told, we all love and seek different things from our gambling fun. Whilst you might like slots, we might enjoy more the delayed gratification of a sports wager. And that’s ok; we are all different, which is why so many casinos might appeal to other gamblers.

Some essential traits of a UK-based casino are easy to find, with some goods to enjoy and some bad to avoid. So, let’s look at what you need to do to find, source, and register at a top UK online casino site.

Read Online Casino Review Sites – The best way to check out, find and compare online casinos is by visiting casino review sites. Here you can compare bonuses, games on offer, wagering requirements, application information, and anything you need to know about online casinos.

Check out the licensing – We encourage you to visit and register at licensed online casino sites. If you are looking for a UK online casino, you can do that by looking at the very bottom part of the casino lobby and looking for a UKGC gambling license logo. If you cannot find that information, you can always check the “About Us” section of the gambling site or the terms and conditions.

Other players feedback – The final thing to check out is the feedback deriving from other punters registered and played at the said gambling site. Online you will find a ton of information that will point you in the right direction if the gambling site is fake or legit. Questions you need to be answered include: How long will you wait to get hold of your online casino UK winnings? How are wagering requirements met? And possibly when will new game content be added to the gambling site in the UK?

What is next for the UK online casinos?

Now that we are back to living our everyday lives post-pandemic, we enjoy the outdoors again, which could be why we gamble less. However, if you had to ask us what we expect and how we envisage UK online casinos to be in the future, we’d say, with some more restrictions attached, yet with some of the best sporting events and the best games of chance.

As the UK plans to modernize its legislation bringing it to the digital era, the UK online casino base continues to grow, with many new gambling sites launching daily. You are spoilt for the choice, dear gambler, yet know that you are in good hands signing up and playing at a UK-based online casino site.

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