Top 10 Best Poker Tournaments Around the World

Poker is that game that can draw massive crowds, not only in casinos but online too! This is great because there are thousands of poker tournaments around the world each year, and they come with massive appeal. Some of the best poker tournaments are found right here in the US, while others are spread everywhere and offer hours of fun and entertainment. We are going to list the best online poker tournaments from around the globe because as you know, we just can’t forget about the online world.

America: World Series of Poker

Probably the most well-known poker tournament on the planet, the World Series of Poker or WSOP, is highly prestigious. Held in Las Vegas since 2004, this historic event sees the best of the best compete for cash prizes and major titles. Created in 1970, WSOP hosts the world’s best poker players to win the ultimate prize (it’s more about the recognition than the cash prize), the WSOP gold bracelet. One of the biggest years for the WSOP was in 2018 when the event lasted a full 50 days – 78 events in total with 123 865 entries. In that same year, 18 105 players won prize money totaling over $200 million. There were 28 players who won $1 million or more.

Australia: Aussie Millions

Look, this Australasian country loves to gamble, and by gamble, we mean play poker. The Aussie Millions first started in 1998 and has since become the most popular gambling event in the Southern Hemisphere. Every January and February, players gather and play their hearts out to seize a share of A$7 million in prizes. Some of the more famous poker players to win at Aussie Millions include Gus Hansen (2007 for $1.5 million), Canada’s Ami Barer (2014 for $1.6 million), and fellow Canadian Ari Engel (2016 for $1.6 million).

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Canada: WPT Falls view

Our Canadian neighbors, of course, have their poker tournament, and we couldn’t be happier about this. Falls view Casino has been intermittently hosting the World Poker Tour since 2006. In 2011, the WPT Falls view Poker Classic was created and became one of the most popular items on the schedule not only for Canadians but for Americans too. It’s also quite popular due to its destination; it sits right on the border of the US and Canada at Niagara Falls. Some of the past winners and cash prizes include Soren Turkewitsch (2006 for $1,225,920), Scott Clements (2007 for $1,505,312), and Glen Witmer (2008 for $1,084,256).

Canada: Playground Poker Club

Playground Poker Club is not found inside a specific casino; it is a standalone 7-table poker complex that was opened in 2010. This concept is highly popular, and the Playground Poker Club has had many events since first opening its doors. The unusual set-up of the Playground Poker club is why it’s been added to this list.

Canada: Calgary DSPT Championships

I’m starting to think that Canadians might love poker way more than Americans! Probably not true! Known for their 15-table poker room, which is also open 24/7 (and we wouldn’t have it any other way), Grey Eagle Casino and Bingo hosts some of the best poker tournaments, such as the annual DSPT Championships. Some of the winners include Michael “The Grinder” Mizrachi, who beat out 431 runners in 2015 to win C$72,180 ($57,285); Joel Bullock besting a 358-entry field to win the 2017 “Battle of Alberta” for C$135,855 ($108,525); and Samuel Ngai in 2016 for C$80,400 ($61,623).

Brazil: 888LIVE

There is no way this list could be complete without featuring South America. Since 2015, 888LIVE has been dazzling both locals and international guests alike. 888LIVE events and tournaments draw famous crowds such as Olympic medalist Maurren Maggi, two-time volleyball Olympic medalist Rodrigão Santana, as well as other Brazilian celebrities.

Various locations, but mainly the US: World Poker Tour

World Poker Tour or WPT has a series of tournaments where players bust their chops to win big. Starting in 2002, WPT was internationally televised, making it one exciting tournament to watch. Back in the day, the first buy-in for WPT stood at $10 000; now, it ranges from $3000 up to $25 000.

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Various locations across Europe: European Poker Tour

This annual tournament is held across various major cities in Europe. Every year the schedules and locations vary, leaving you with a different feel every single time. The main event has a buy-in of €5 000, but there have been some higher stakes too.

Various locations in Asia: Asia Pacific Poker Tour

APPT launched in the region in 2007 and is still the biggest one the region has ever seen. When APPT first began, there were only 4 events; now, the tournament boasts 12 in total! The APPT also did the unimaginable and hosted the first-ever government-sanctioned poker tournaments in both China and Korea.

Ireland: Irish Open

Sounds like a golf tournament, doesn’t it? Well, dating back to the early 80s, the Irish Open has hosted some high-profile players and is considered one of the best events on the international poker calendar. The tournament has experienced significant growth since 2005 when Irish Bookmakers Paddy Power started to sponsor it.

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