Neccton Announces New Working Partnership With Rdentify

Neccton has announced its new working partnership with Rdentify, a company working to identify at-risk players by analysing their communications in live chat, email and chat bot interactions.

Rdentify offers a functional, innovative solution for businesses that prioritise customer welfare. Using cutting edge machine learning models, our platform flags end-user vulnerability risk during live chat, email, and chat bot interactions, which in turn identifies and protects players from potential harm.

This dovetails neatly with Neccton’s responsible gambling offering, a module of the company’s mentor software, a ground-breaking player tracking tool which alerts the operator and contacts players who display critical behaviour directly. For example, players are informed when their deposit frequency is increasing significantly, and helps customers make better informed decisions about their play with individualised feedback. The mentor system also has AML and Fraud modules, further protecting operators.

Neccton’s Dr Michael Auer said of the collaboration:

“We can finally add NLP analysis to our real-time behavioural analytics. This leads to an even better understanding of player behaviour and detection of problem gambling.”

Rdentify’s founder and CEO Daniel Brooks welcomed the new collaboration with Neccton:

“We are delighted to announce the launch of a new partnership with Neccton, a leader in real time data analytic Responsible Gambling and AML solutions.

Neccton products will complement the state-of-the-art Rdentify suite which identifies at-risk customers in real time during email, Live chat and Chatbot conversations. This is a key component of our strategy to assist businesses to identify at-risk customers before they come to harm.”

Rdentify sales director Nige Roberts added:

“I am very happy to be working with such esteemed people who take the welfare of players seriously. Neccton’s values align with our own philosophy here at Rdentify, so we anticipate great things from this partnership.”

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