Lady Luck Games Partners with Future Anthem For Next Gen Artificial Intelligence

Lady Luck Games, developers of digital slot machines to gaming operators who maintain a strong focus on the gameplay experience and sticky design, has signed up to the Performance Optimisation module of Future Anthem’s game-changing Amplifier AI.

Performance Optimisation is one of three components offered by Amplifier AI, the all-in-one product built to personalize the player experience for everyone. Casino operators and game studios also use Amplifier AI to personalize player experiences in real-time (Personalisation) and enhance the overall customer experience in gaming (Customer Experience).

Founded in 2019, Lady Luck Games is part of a new breed of disruptive slots suppliers combining creative forces, high-end technology skills, and solid business knowledge.

Amplifier AI will provide Lady Luck Games with an in-depth analysis of every bet players make on their innovative games and products, for the first time allowing it to:

  • Visualize player and game behaviors —to provide a clear view of the most impactful behaviors that underpin game design
  • Conduct extensive game analysis —to take learnings from their diverse games portfolio across operators to implement improvements
  • Optimize game launches —review and assess new game launches across player groups, countries, and brands
  • Undertake data-driven game design —continue to build engaging games for targeted player types
  • Utilize AI to grow faster —take advantage of machine learning to implement recommendations across games, gameplay and game launches

Vadim Fedorov, co-founder, and CTO of Lady Luck Games said

“AI-powered data analytics is a crucial tool to have for any modern product, in any modern industry. What Future Anthem offers is unique within igaming and we are looking forward to working with their team and utilizing Amplifier AI to get better insights from our data.”

Leigh Nissim, CEO of Future Anthem, commented:

“Lady Luck Games has big ambitions and is focused on building engaging games for their players – we’re excited to help them on the next step in their journey. Amplifier AI will enable them to take advantage of the latest generation of AI to build data-driven titles that improve the player experience while optimizing performance across their operator customers.”

Powered by Anthemetrics, the industry’s first game data science platform, Amplifier AI interprets player behaviors at scale to deliver intelligence, predictions, and actions that can be applied to portfolio decisions, product design, and player safety when gambling.

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