Affilka by SOFTSWISS Launches Set of New Projects in April

Affilka by SOFTSWISS bolsters its position in the iGaming industry by launching a set of new projects since the beginning of April. The Affilka team enriched its portfolio with such brands as DolceVita Partners, FoggyStar Partners, Punch Partners, Affiliates, and others. 

Each of them has taken advantage of the SOFTSWISS solution for promoting their brand and increasing gaming traffic. Affilka offers a vast array of tools for achieving excellent results, including the ultra-flexible commission constructor, built-in payment processing, and real-time data available in CSV, JSON, and XML formats or via the recently launched Reports API feature.

“We have been working together for some time now and we can safely say this was the most inspired decision. Having a platform that helps with so many technical aspects is something that an end user will eventually benefit from,” highlighted the team.

“The marketing options, affiliate database management, email software are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to our software needs. As we were already in the process of expanding, choosing Afflika created a new stress-free environment for our team. Our integration with Affilka generated an enormous boost so far, and we are confident these great results won’t stop here,” the team explained their choice.

Since the affiliate marketing platform was officially launched in 2018, it has helped more than 130 brands in achieving their business goals. New partnerships have allowed Affilka by SOFTSWISS to strengthen its market presence.

Anastasia Borovaya, Product Owner at Affilka, said:

“This spring is a fruitful time for the Affilka team. We’re happy to welcome new affiliate programs launched in April! It’s a pleasure to see that interest, and most importantly, confidence in our product continues to grow. That’s what we always strive for when improving our product.”

The Affilka team will continue to expand its client list in May. Several reputable projects are to launch in the nearest weeks.

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