Here’s How No Verification Casinos Work, And How They Are Being Adapted to Both Online and Land-based Casinos

On the broad spectrum of available online casinos, there are a few genres that stand out. One such genre is that of no verification casinos. Below, we will explain the logistics behind no verification casinos, and how this idea is spreading to land-based casinos as well.

What are no verification casinos?

No verification casinos are gambling sites where ID verification is not required upon deposit and withdrawal. Many gamblers find it a hassle to have to fill in all their personal information to make online transactions, if not only because it may make us feel more exposed and at risk for hacking. However, no verification casinos fix this problem by taking away this time-consuming part of registering for online casinos so gamblers can get straight to the games.

Does no verification mean no information?

Just because a casino is “no verification” does not mean that you do not give them any information. These types of casinos usually use third party verification tools, such as Zimpler or Trustly, which have been connected to the gambler’s identity at an earlier stage. Therefore, by using such services the casinos access your identity information but with the advantage of being a lot faster and smoother. If you are interested in learning more about the verification process, you can find the full topic covered here.

These identity verification apps can be used both to verify your identity, as well as to verify your purchases. The process is similar to using Apple ID to purchase an app; you fill in a password rather than fill in all your personal and banking information.

Are no verification casinos less secure?

No verification casinos are not necessarily less safe, as they are simply based on an identity verification that has already been made. Therefore, the casino site still accesses the same data without the trouble of documentation verification.

Another example of no verification processes is that of crypto currencies such as Bitcoin. These transactions are generally viewed as more safe, as the customers feel more anonymous at the decrease in information exposure which is only transferred by the blockchain, which is a decentralized financial system.

Land-based cashless casinos adapt similar strategies

The cashless no document verification strategies are also beginning to spill over into land-based casinos. Sightline Payments in Nevada, US, have gotten their proposal accepted to develop cashless apps for land-based casinos.

The move comes as less people are carrying cash or documentation as a lot of those functions are already available in smartphones. Jennifer Carleton, Chief Legal Officer at Sightline Payments, said in an interview that “We are a technology-heavy industry and there’s certainly no reason why we shouldn’t be able to create a seamless patron experience on the casino floor.”

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