Zecure Gaming Announces GUTS.com Rebranding

Betsson Group’s Zecure Gaming has rebranded of one of its gaming brands, GUTS .com. The rebrand includes a new logo, a new look and feel for the website, new tone of voice and some under-the-hood updates. The new branding comes after detailed research into the core brand personality by measuring brand attributes, looking at current customer demographics, analysing the perceived tone of voice, and observing playing behaviour.

These results showed that GUTS .com is a strong and well-respected brand and highlighted some of the areas that needed some added TLC. This formulated the new long-term vision for GUTS .com which is, “to entertain, be honest and instil loyalty in our players in the simplest manner possible”.

Zecure Gaming had listed four key objectives to realise its vision for GUTS .com.

  1. Keeping things simple – from communications to user experience and how campaigns work
  2. Improving gamification to generate new USPs
  3. Being a consistent and reliable voice to customers
  4. Committing to product improvements

Besides sporting a new logo, GUTS .com’s brand icon was reshaped into something that is more meaningful, has stronger colours and can be better applied as a visual tool in marketing.

Andrew Valenzia, Commercial Director at Zecure Gaming, said about the successful rebranding:

“We are extremely excited about this new rebranding of one of the most iconic gaming brands that has been synonymous within the iGaming industry for the last 10 years. The concept that we have come up with reflects and symbolises our vision of reintroducing GUTS .com as a brand that represents its customer base, loyal and bold. This is the first phase of many, and we are already working on making GUTS .com an even better product with a whole list of improvements and ideas that we’ve got mapped out for 2022. This is GUTS Reborn.”

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