PokerStars Launches New Rewards Program in the US

On Tuesday, PokerStars has launched the most generous rewards program in US poker with its new and improved ‘PokerStars Rewards’ program for players in the states of PennsylvaniaNew Jersey, and Michigan.

The new program has been built with player feedback and insights at its heart and offers more value, more ways to earn, and more transparency, and includes the following:


  • PokerStars players in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Michigan can now earn up to 33% in rewards, with rewards starting at 15%, making the new program the richest and most rewarding in US poker.


  • The PokerStars community will now be rewarded for all their play across all poker games, from tournaments to cash games (including high-stakes).
  • Players are rewarded for all their real money activity across poker, sports and casino and will continue to receive rewards that are personalised to their interests and types of games played.


  • The PokerStars Rewards program is now easier to understand.
  • Players will know exactly where they are at, what their targets are and what could be earned.
  • Levels are clearly shown with a progress bar showing how many more chests
    remain to upgrade to the next level.
  • There are six chest levels (lowest to highest: Blue, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, and Black) and each level will deliver a chest with a fixed rewards value.

Rebecca McAdam, Associate Director of Consumer Engagement and Public Relations at PokerStars, said:

“We’re excited to bring our new PokerStars Rewards program to our community in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Michigan and give players more than ever before for playing with us.

We’ve been working hard to give our players the best program and from listening to community feedback, we know that value and transparency are key, so we’re very happy to launch a program that has truly been built with this at its heart.”

The launch of PokerStars Rewards in the US follows on from a new PokerStars Rewards program that launched in other locations last year to great success and positive review. This followed a three-month trial where player learnings and feedback were applied to materially improve the new program now available for the PokerStars community.

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