BGaming Launches New Corporate Website

BGaming, one of the leading European iGaming providers, has announced the launch of a new contemporary corporate website. The upgrade combines an eye-catching product presentation platform with a modern and valuable instrument for business and marketing.

Their newly designed easy-to-navigate website is packed with renovated brand-style graphics, a user-friendly interface, and new sections demonstrating innovative tools and products such as Brand Exclusives games, promo campaigns, and others.

One of the key novelties is a next-level game profile with interactive elements. For instance, the features description of every title is illustrated with an appropriate video that allows unveiling all the game’s opportunities quickly and clearly. At the same time, visitors can try all 70+ games including top-rated Aloha King Elvis, Bonanza Billion and others for free to enrich their experience and plunge into the atmosphere of highly-engaging products.

BGaming, which is focused on extending its pack of marketing tools, has presented the marketing section announcing the upcoming release of the jackpots system and in-game challenges for players. The launch of these solutions will be the next step for the company to convert gambling into gaming.

Kate Puteiko, Product Marketing Lead at BGaming, said:

“For a certain period of time, we observed how BGaming games, their features, and mechanics were excelling and outpacing their environment, so we’ve decided to redesign our website and give proper exposure to descriptions, skins, features, and player-generated content. I suppose the team did it pretty well, what do you think?”

Another addition to the corporate website is a Career page. Over the last year, the studio team has doubled and it’s still growing therefore BGaming pays particular attention to recruiting iGaming professionals.

The iGaming provider will showcase all the new solutions and products at ICE, the leading industry exhibition that will take place in London mid-April.

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