iGaming Affiliate Announces Full Transition to Crypto Operations

Casino, sports betting, and iGaming affiliate site Gamblerspro.com has announced it will make a full move to operating on Bitcoin effective March 2022.

The European iGaming affiliate launched in 2016 and has grown from strength to strength since, promoting top-rated gambling sites like PlayOjo, Mr Green, 888, and others.

The announcement means that all of Gamblers Pro’s financial activities will be conducted on the Bitcoin network.

“Where we are paid commissions in GBP, EUR, and USD, they’ll be converted to Bitcoin in our corporate treasury. Where it’s possible to pay vendors and service companies in Bitcoin, we’ll do so,” said Leo Twin, founder and CEO of GamblersPro.

Twin outlined how he believes the Bitcoin network will radically transform the future of iGaming and the affiliate sector. Not only does he believe that Bitcoin will be used for fast, effective, and frictionless payments within the iGaming economy, but he sees it as having potential for storing records, helping with regulatory compliance and other related issues.

“The full power of Bitcoin isn’t yet fully understood,” he explained. “People are just beginning to wrap their heads around Bitcoin as a payment method, but there are many other uses. For example, time-stamped ledger entries on a public blockchain like Bitcoin could help operators and players prove games are honest and fair, could aid operators with regulatory compliance, and more.”

Twin realizes it’s still early days and that becoming a full-scale Bitcoin business will pose challenges, but he’s sure it’s the right move. “This is like being early to the internet,” he said. “People haven’t clicked yet how big this will be. It’s the internet of money.”

Twin also said that, for now, Gamblerspro will keep its partnerships with its banking partners. “There’s no way around this for now. Most tax authorities do not accept payment in Bitcoin and there are still many affiliate programs that want to pay commissions in traditional fiat currencies. For that reason, it’s essential to maintain healthy partnerships with banks.”

In time and with proper regulations, Twin sees most banks embracing Bitcoin custody. He believes this will dramatically simplify things and that in time many other businesses will be able to run their operations on the Bitcoin ledger.

“It’s revolutionary, but as with all things of this nature, the incumbents are the last to realize it and adapt,” Twin said. “We’re going to be one of the first to do it and we’ll benefit from that as more and more people pour onto the network.”

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