How to Help GamStop Registered GF/BF?

Any person from any walk of life can suffer from GamStop gambling problems. Mostly because gambling is a fun and entertaining diversion from your real-life filled with real responsibilities. But, for some people, this becomes an unhealthy obsession. Consequences may range from exhausting all your funds, drowning in huge debts, mortgaging your house, and up to the extent where you have to steal money to gamble.

If your partner is a GamStop gambling addict, you must be wondering how to help them. In order to help, one must first understand what is gambling addiction and how much damage it can cause. A pathological gambler is unable to resist their impulses to gamble. The desire to gamble becomes so high that the brain gets used to the dopamine release whenever that individual gambles.

So, self-excluded needs to find a way around GamStop scheme every time they feel the need to relieve stress. The victim is often not aware or in denial of having addiction symptoms. But, to one’s surprise, the first step towards self-help is admitting that there is a problem. It only hits them after they have hit rock bottom and much damage has been done either mentally, financially, or in terms of social and cultural exclusion. So, if your partner is suffering from addiction, and you recognize the symptoms, here are some of the Dos and Don’ts that you need to keep in mind:

  1. The sufferer should be able to have a candid conversation with you. If that isn’t the case, you must focus on building trust and being sympathetic towards the sufferer.
  2. Do not threaten or intimate the victim about giving up their addiction. This may backfire and cause them to shut you off totally.
  3. Be frank with them. Tell them how their addiction is hampering everything and everyone around them.
  4. Do not criticize or shame them. This might push them off the edge and shake their belief in themselves to overcome the situation.
  5. Do not force them into quitting. Respect their alone time and have faith. Be a source of strength for them.
  6. Overcoming addiction takes time. Be patient. Do not rush them into reforming themselves. Setbacks are normal. Don’t lose hope and try not to blame them.
  7. Seek help from professionals. If they are not willing to call up the Gambling Helpline, you must take the step and convince them rationally to go ahead with the treatment.

We all know that treating compulsive gambling can be challenging. But, your partner has a better chance of following responsible gambling practices if you support them throughout.

Treatment for GamStop Customers

There are various treatments out there that can be effective in helping your partner. You and your partner have to choose what approach works best. Here are a handful of options that you can choose from:

Cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT)

Addiction therapy that uses CBT will help your partner have an insight into how their feelings and belief systems determine how they behave. This kind of therapy will help the sufferer to unlearn the behaviour which causes them to resort to gambling. It will help them recognize these unhealthy thought patterns and substitute them with healthy ones.

Research shows that online therapy programs which include elements of CBT have helped a lot of people overcome compulsive gambling addiction. In such a time when the pandemic is raging and destroying many national economies, you cannot expect to physically reach out to a psychiatrist or therapist easily. That is why online therapy is a much better alternative in such trying times.


Compulsive gambling can also give rise to OCD, depression, ADHD and health issues which will have severe consequences in terms of your partner’s mental health. Antidepressants and mood stabilizers can help with all the problems rooted in the addiction. Many medications include narcotic antagonists. It would be advisable for your partner to consult a professional in such cases.

Support Groups

These can be accessed both online and offline. There are 12-step recovery support groups and peer support groups that can be instrumental in your recovery from addiction. These groups promote self-restraint and take various approaches depending on the nature of the addiction.

Encourage your partner to go ahead and talk to the professional doctor about using support groups or online therapy or medications as part of their recovery.


There is no instant way to help addicted or GamStop players. Recovery takes a great deal of courage, effort, and support. It is important to remember that you shouldn’t forcibly try to persuade them into changing their habit. Unfortunately, the mind has a huge part to play in this, and to reorganize the patterns takes a professional. As a loved one, all you can do is give all the support you can and encourage them to take steps for their treatment.

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