BGaming Enjoy a Huge Level of Growth as the Crypto Boom and Expansion Helps

BGaming was able to experience a huge amount of growth in 2021 that has allowed the company to “double in size” since it was initially formed, with a variety of different factors that have helped aid the expansion that was witnessed over the last 12 months.

The developer’s move into the Latin American market is one such aspect that had helped the organization to grow as much as it did, whilst obtaining a new license from the Malta Gaming Authority also allowed the studio to record figures that saw its gross gaming revenue double, as well as its bets and bets count all increase.

BGaming took full advantage of the crypto boom

Another element that BGaming was able to capitalize on was in regard to the crypto boom that was experienced, as the company indicated it had seen an increase of 125% in terms of growth. Indeed, there are a number of reasons why cryptocurrency has helped the developer to report the kind of figures it was able to, with players turning to digital assets in order to enjoy a gambling session. Players are now able to experience a number of benefits when they play crypto slots online, as they can enjoy factors including engaging mechanics, hypercasual visuals while being able to rest assured that the games are fair due to the fact that they can be proved.

Naturally, with the continued crypto boom that is being witnessed within the industry, the studio has also looked to capitalize on it because they believe they “are in demand among players due to the popularity of digital currencies”, with many of their partnerships being “fast-growing crypto projects”.

“There is a good saying: We can’t become what we need to be by remaining what we are,” said Executive Director Marina Ostrovtsova.

“So our growth is determined by our team which, by the way, we also doubled in size and our ability to be flexible and adjust ourselves and our flows according to what we have right here right now.

“The quality of our internal communication and what we air into the market is getting more efficient and stronger – that is how I would determine our growth.”

BGaming network continues to enjoy growth

In addition to the strong factors highlighted beforehand, BGaming has also managed to increase its network of partners, which will have only helped to contribute to the developer’s growth over the last 12 months. Having grown from 405 to 709 online casinos, the network enjoyed a 175% increase over 2021.

This will have also coincided with the launch of 11 new slots in that same year, with a couple of new mechanics having been included in some of those titles. For instance, the “Bonanza Billion” title included the refilling reels, whilst BGaming also managed to release its first multiplayer crash game called “Space XY”.

Furthermore, the launch of the Aloha King Elvis slot game saw the titular character continue to provide success for the company, whilst “Fruit Million” also showed “the fastest growth”. Launched initially in December 2020, the slot provided results that showed an increase 13-fold in 2021 with variations of the title having been introduced throughout the year, whilst it had also become a “source of inspiration” for the company that helped them to take a “new approach” and launch a new type of product that was labeled as “Brand Exclusive” slots.

Kate Puteiko, CS marketing manager, stated: “I believe our success is closely tightened to the ability of the BGaming team to cherish the entertainment needs and desires of players in general and at the same time embrace the partners’ needs in being outstanding and exclusive and delivering the best and unique experience to their players.”

What does 2022 hold for BGaming?

BGaming has already looked ahead to what 2022 could provide them and it seems that they are hopeful that the year will be promising and will allow the studio to be “even more innovative”. In addition, there are plans to enter Asian and African markets as they continue to look to expand, whilst also providing players with the opportunity to win from jackpot systems and find new crypto solutions.

Alexandr Shavel, head of the firm’s business development department, said: “The most important thing we learned in 2021 is that we know what to do to grow faster,” before adding: “The year 2022 is promising for the studio. BGaming will keep developing its lineup to offer players a diverse portfolio of engaging titles. Also, we see that crypto projects have become an integral part of online gambling. So we strive to keep abreast of this trend by offering new products such as Space XY.”

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