SOFTSWISS Launches New Poker Module

Affilka by SOFTSWISS is stretching the horizons of its affiliate marketing tracking platform with the launch of a new module for poker sites. Affilka can now provide its services not only to online casinos and sportsbooks, but also to online poker sites.

The new poker module will enable clients operating online poker sites to take advantage of Affilka as well. The new module includes an updated API, which will be used to process user gaming activity on online poker rooms. In addition to click data, registrations, deposits, and cash-outs, the Affilka affiliate marketing platform will collect, store and process the following online poker player data:

  • Poker Rounds Count – the number of rounds a player has played in a poker game
  • Poker Bets Sum – the bet sum a player has placed in poker games
  • Poker Rake Sum – the commission fee taken by the poker room operating a poker game
  • Poker Bonuses Sum – the sum of bonuses issued to the player
  • Poker Balance Corrections Sum – the amount of manual adjustments to the player’s balance
  • Poker Third Party Fees Sum – any fees paid by an online poker room for various third party services
  • Poker Net Revenue Sum – the poker site net profit excluding bonuses, balance adjustments, and third-party fees.

Along with the API update, the Affilka team expanded the Сommission Сonstructor for CPA, RevShare and Hybrid deals (a combination of CPA and RevShare).

Under the CPA model, affiliates are paid for a specific player action or combination of actions. When calculating CPA deals poker sites will be able to take into account such parameters as time from a player registration to a deposit (or meeting other qualification criteria), whether a player has an active self-exclusion limit as part of responsible gaming practises, duplicate players, and a user status (verified or blocked). From now on, for CPA payments, not only player deposits but also poker player activities, such as Poker Rake Sum per player or Poker Bets Sum per player can be taken into account. So, in order to pay an affiliate partner the CPA reward for a referred player, the player must deposit a specified amount during a specified period and/or the Poker Rake Sum from that player and/or their Poker Bets Sum must reach a certain amount.

When using the RevShare model, the poker site pays the affiliate a percentage of the revenue. A poker site owner may pay affiliates a percentage of the gross revenue which is the rake generated by the referred players. The owner may also pay a percentage of the Net Revenue (rake minus bonuses, balance adjustments, third-party fees such as payment system fees, taxes, poker network fees, etc.).

Anastasia Borovaya, Product Owner at Affilka, said:

“I am pleased to announce the launch of the long-awaited poker module that will expand Affilka coverage. Not only casinos and sportsbooks but also online poker sites will now be able to use our platform’s unique tools to acquire new players. Poker is an important part of the iGaming industry, so we have worked hard to offer our software solution for poker rooms.”

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