Dutch Regulator Warns Gambling Operators Not to Ignore “Moral Side”

The Dutch Gambling Authority, Kansspelautoriteit (KSA), has called on online gaming operators to lower their daily limits.

As reported by local media following an episode of Kassa, a popular mainstream consumer protection show, users could potentially lose up to 100,000 euros a day.

Although players are required to set both money and time limits before playing, there are no guidelines on maximum limits (yet), posing a serious player safety risk.

Rene Jansen, Gambling Authority chairman, responded by saying:

“Strictly speaking, the provider is not doing anything wrong with this.

However, I would like to call on the providers of online gambling to look at this carefully. It may not be to the letter, but it is the spirit of the law to limit the limits set.”

According to the KSA chairman, there is a “moral side” to operator’s corporate social responsibility as he called for them to prioritize player safety:

“I cannot imagine that limits like those mentioned are necessary to compete with the illegal gambling sites.”

Citing the example of Sweden where authorities had to intervene, Jansen warned that if the providers do not take action themselves, the Dutch government could makes changes to the law.

“This was recently the case in Sweden, where the deposit limit was lowered and a stricter control on advertising was announced.

My cautious assessment is that we could also go down that road in the Netherlands if providers no longer take responsibility.”

Online gambling in the Netherlands is officially legal since October 1 of 2021 with the first 10 operators being awarded with licenses. Since then additional licenses have been granted. Some of the larger international players in the market, such as Flutter and Entain are expected to receive their licenses in the coming months after initially being snubbed last minute.

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