PayPal Integrates Gamban Responsible Gaming Tool

Global payments giant PayPal has integrated Gamban’s blocking software to its platform, giving customers in the UK and US the option to block online gambling transactions. The decision comes after an internal investigation concluded that the platform was used in excessive gambling behavior.

The Gamban responsible gaming tool applies to a multitude of online gambling transactions used to power games of chance and skill, including casino games sucha as slot machines and table games. Sportsbetting, horse-racing and the purchase of lottery tickets are also included in the tool.

The Gamban feature also allows the user to prohibit transactions to gambling-related ventures, such as sites that offer gambling tips, intermediaries who place bets, or organized forums that make person-to-person betting possible.

Gamban commented in a statement:

“PayPal offering its users the option to block gambling transactions is a welcome addition to the gambling recovery toolkit.

“Between blocking gambling transactions at your bank and PayPal, blocking online gambling with Gamban, self-excluding yourself with Gamstop and seeking support from GamCare you’ll give yourself the best chance at recovery.”

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