First Dogecoin Poker Room Has Launched

There are literally hundreds if not thousands of online poker rooms across the internet, however the team behind Dogecoin Poker decided to make theirs a unique one. One that will allow deposits and withdrawals in Dogecoin, but also one where players will play with ONLY dogecoins on the table. But let’s start from the beginning.

As we all know, the most important thing in online poker is trust and safety.

All deposits in Dogecoins are not converted to USDT or whatever other crypto or currency and will not be affected by Dogecoin rate changes. When requested, players will be paid out at once.

Aside from that, Dogecoin Poker is using a special RNG (random number generator) device, certified by the best in business, iTECHLABS.

About the deposits, withdrawals, and Bonuses

Minimum Deposit amount is Đ35

Maximum Deposit amount is Đ50,000

Minimum Withdrawal amount is Đ50

Maximum Withdrawal amount is Đ50,000

All the deposits and withdrawals can be handled through the apps, cashier section.

SIGN UP HERE and GET 5 DOGECOIN FREE and 100% (up to Đ5,000) 1st deposit bonus.

Also, there is a Refer – a – Friend bonus, where both invited, and the referring player will get a bonus.

About the software and UI

Games can be played on every single device/OS out there. There are (native) apps for iOS, MAC, Android, Windows and last but not the least, the HTML5 version which can be used through Chrome or Safari browser without any installation.

The mobile apps and the HTML5 have both landscape and portrait layouts and on Android and iOS app you can even rotate your poker table in real time without losing your turn. The Dogecoin Poker developers didn’t look too much at the competition but know that almost nobody has real time UI rotation, at least not this smooth.

About Dogecoin Poker

After years of providing software for others, the developers decided to use all that experience, mostly from seeing mistakes their clients were making, and provide a self-sustainable poker room. Therefore, they will not burn huge money on marketing nor make gigantic free rolls, but aim to make this a stable business that will keep growing, and as it grows the bonuses, rake-back and promotions will follow. The idea about using Dogecoins as the table poker chips, came from the current crypto-market dynamics. Thousands of traders are holding their Dogecoins, waiting for its price to recover. What’s better then to put the Doge into play and have some fun right?

Hurry up and register, get those 5 FREE DOGE and pick up on the early action!

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