Interview with Bojoko’s Chief Business Officer Joonas Karhu

Lead generation company Bojoko is no stranger to the affiliate marketing scene. Since launching in 2017, it has gone from strength to strength thanks to its honest and frank approach.

The company initially launched in the UK market, before expanding to Canada, Finland, New Zealand and most recently, the US market.

We caught up with Bojoko’s Chief Business Officer Joonas Karhu to tell us about this big leap into the US fora and how there are bigger fish to fry this side of the pond.

How is the US casino landscape different from that of our European counterparts?

US casinos offer a similar model to that of the European market, but one which lacks diversity in terms of games and software game developers.

When you see European casinos with thousands of gaming options, a few hundred games at US casinos can be underwhelming. Obviously, this is not an issue for US players. You can’t miss what you’ve never had. We also see that more and more international developers are gaining US licenses, and the markets may start to look similar in the coming years.

Another key distinction is that the first deposit bonus in the US tends to be far more generous with fair terms and conditions, including lower wagering requirements and virtually close to no restrictions or exemptions. You can see some examples on Bojoko here. This is by no means a bad thing for the player.

When it comes to key lessons from both markets, US casinos should pay close attention to their sign-up welcome bonus offer, especially if they are promoting their brand via affiliate marketing. Having a competitive first deposit bonus for all new sign-ups and deposits will ensure more registrations.

From there, careful attention must be paid to broadscale advertising that has a wider reach.

What other key areas should casino operators pay close attention to in terms of the player journey?

One of the biggest concerns with many European casinos accepting players from different and unrestricted markets is to make sure that they have access to a wide range of payment methods. This is an excellent way to accommodate more player preferences.

In states such as New Jersey, online casinos accept a limited number of payment methods and this is where rival casinos can take heed and ensure that players have access to alternative banking methods.

It was estimated that half of all e-commerce payments made globally in 2019, were carried out via alternative methods rather than conventional banking methods such as debit and credit cards.

Our data has also shown that online casinos that offer alternative banking methods on Bojoko, can enjoy as many as four to ten extra new depositing players monthly. This is an ongoing trend and one that many US online casino operators should be working on and towards.

Though Visa and Mastercard still enjoy unrivaled popularity for most deposits and withdrawals in the US, consumer preferences are changing.

Currently, we see that established casino operators tend to offer a wider range of payment methods when compared to emerging casinos. New casinos have the golden opportunity to closely study current marketing trends and consumer landscape before launching.

Knowing what makes the players tick and what is required to pave the way for a smooth sailing gambling session is a pivotal step in roping in revenue and securing a trustworthy reputation.

How are European casinos keeping player data as well as their information safe? Are they doing anything differently?

Over the past few years, European casinos, most notably ones licensed by the UK Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority have upped their efforts to better protect players against problem gambling.

The same applies to affiliate operators who also want to work closely with casinos that promote safe practices.  This goes beyond responsible gambling but also ensures that player data is not passed on to third parties and that sites use the latest encryption technology.

Affiliate companies can also be more proactive in promoting safe practices and painting a clear picture of how online gambling works. This means highlighting how to safeguard the bankroll, how to make use of responsible gambling tools and the volatility of the house edge amongst others.

What does the future hold for the US online gambling market?

There is nowhere else to go for it but upwards. As the tide is turning favorably towards more legislation in an increasing number of states, more online casino companies are bound to hop on the bandwagon.

The requirements vary from one state to another, which complicates an already costly process. This is not only expensive for online casinos, but also for affiliate marketers which undergo substantial expense in order to launch in a new state.

One also has to pay attention to how the online gambling landscape varies between different states. While in some states, sports betting is legal, in others online casinos, bingo, lottery and poker are the only gaming types permitted.

Players also exhibit various gambling trends from one market to another, with some preferring online slots to card and table games and vice versa.

European markets, from this perspective, are far more advanced with online gambling having been around longer.

Players can make smart decisions based on a number of vital criteria including the availability of payment methods, software game developers, payout percentages as well as the array of online casino bonuses.

As a result, affiliate marketing also differs considerably between the two markets. In the US, affiliate marketing takes on a more educational approach since online gambling is still in its infant stage in many states. On the other hand, in Europe, where online gambling has been around for more than a decade, affiliate marketing takes on a different approach. We are more focused on the overall gambling experience, including peer-to-peer reviews and opinion, smooth processes and quality gaming..

The US online gambling market is expected to continue booming in the coming years. Gamblers are unlikely to give up the favorable bonuses, the convenience factor, and most importantly, the higher payout rate.

We expect to see a boost in US online gambling revenue as more states legalize online gambling. This will be completely a different ballgame in the coming years.

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