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NBL Betting Options

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NBL Betting Options

For New Zealand punters interested in betting on the NBL, a proper understanding of what is on offer is vital.

Many bettors are not aware that basketball is, in fact, one for the world’s 10 most popular sports, and boasts a following of more than 400 million people worldwide, although the strongest fan bases are still in the USA and Canada. Today, excitingly, it is not just the major leagues like the NBA that grab fans’ attention either –thanks to the spread of the sport to countries like China, Australia and New Zealand, many lesser-known leagues like the NZNBL are also gaining more exposure in the international arena.

Betting on Basketball Games at Online Bookmakers

Since the beginning of time, sports fans have enjoyed upping the exhilaration factor inherent in watching their games by betting on the teams taking part. Basketball is an already exciting game to watch, thanks to the incredible levels of skill and agility it requires from its players, but this thrill aspect is increased by the betting opportunities it provides. Although basketball betting is very similar to that which is available for other sports, it does need a different kind of strategy from punters, as well as an in-depth knowledge of both the sport itself and the markets it offers.

For basketball fans from the southern hemisphere, NRL premiership betting has become a very popular activity, and punters are able to make their bet selections from a good range of markets for each of the games which take place over the season. The convenience of begin able to lay wagers by means of desktop computers, smartphones and tablets is hard to beat, and Kiwi punters are taking advantage every day.

The NBL Total Points Wager

In the NBL, Total Points wagers are also sometimes known as Over/Unders. These require the punter to try to guess how many points will be scored by both the teams taking place in the game, and then place a bet on whether this total will be more than the number predicted by the bookmaker, Over, or less, Under.

Line Betting for Punters from New Zealand

Another very popular betting option for New Zealand punters interested in the ups and downs of NBL games is Line betting, which gives punters odds that are a little more generous than those available in Head-to-Head markets. With these bets, the team deemed most likely to win, the favourite, is allocated an amount of points which will be carried through the final score in order for them to be considered winners. Bettors will also have the option of supporting the underdog team if they wish to, which will also be allocated a specific amount of points before they can be considered winners.

Head-to-Head Odds and Wagers

Avid fans that enjoy betting infrequently and seasoned punters alike enjoy the advantages of head-to-head offers on NBL games, including those which take place in the Finals and the Grand Final Series. Each of the NBL teams taking part is given odds, after bookmakers have made their predictions as to the outcome, and punters take it from there.

sports betting strategy

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Ultimate Sports Betting Strategy Tips

Kiwis love their sports, with the world becoming smaller each and every day thanks to the power of modern technology, participation in global events has become an everyday occurrence.

Sports’ betting is one of New Zealand’s favourite pastimes; punters opting for land or online platforms may feel overwhelmed as to what all the numbers, graphs and biometric data means.

Placing wagers on sports requires a solid sports betting strategy, punters should develop this sports betting strategy through personal experience and individual choices.

Punters seeking to build a sports betting strategy need to be committed to building a strong foundation through direct participation, which will undoubtedly yield trial and error results.

There is no better way to learn and grow in any discipline, direct involvement, patience and most of all the ability to calculate valuable bets through research and educated evaluations will produce a tailor made sports betting strategy over time.

Calculating The Value

Valuable sports bets are not defined by the fact that one team is superior to another. Nearly all punters have adopted this belief into their sports betting strategy. Punters will look at the upcoming fixture and evaluate the bet on cultural beliefs and media hype that glorifies a particular outcome.

In order to place valuable wagers you will need to dig deeper than the surface level. Punters should look at playing history, any potential injuries affecting match day, home ground advantages, personal issues that may affect the team as a unit and any other circumstances that may improve the underdogs winning chances.

By gathering an informed insight into the upcoming fixture, punters from New Zealand are able to place valuable bets. This sports betting strategy is the core of all valuable bets, researching the facts in order to place wagers on better chances.

Play The Odds

With multiple bookmakers offering fractional, decimal and even American odd structures, it is imperative to any winning sports betting strategy that these odds are understood.

Punters from New Zealand should research odd formats and learn the math involved in order to calculate the winning return.

Most bookmakers already have a profit margin built into the bet. One thing is for certain, the house never looses. Punters seeking to build a sports betting strategy should be aware that bookmakers offer very lucrative odds on both sides of the coin when looking at Dota 2: The International betting odds.

This is done to ensure the balance between winning and loosing bets. Taking enough wagers on both sides of the coin ensures the bookmakers success and your payout.

Maintain Your Discipline

Punters are all too often fooled by a lucrative winning streak. Maintaining the discipline to keep betting your personal sports betting strategy is the only way to propel your wagering ability.

Most punters will win big and then start betting bigger. This is a mistake, many new punters make. Maintaining betting discipline is imperative to ensuring a consistent bankroll.

Once you have acquired a sports betting strategy, expand gradually.

Fantasy Play

New punters in quest of a sports betting strategy should consider fantasy game play. There is no risk and practicing sports betting strategy on a complete pseudo bets allows for growth and personal sports betting strategy development.

Practice with real bookmakers and keep a record of all your bets, learn and develop a sports betting strategy for the first real sports bet.



Beach Volleyball

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Top Seaside Ball Sport of Beach Volleyball

Some sports games have adapted their style and gameplay to accommodate the sandy shoreline into the experience. Other games on the other hand are built from the ground up on the sand and one of the more popular of these is that of Beach Volleyball. Played most often in a team of two against another team of the same number, the games can get rather heated. Of course a game like this, as well established around the world as this one has become, does have an extensive betting range and a number of tournaments for the punters to bet on at online betting sites.

The best approach when looking for a new sport to bet on is to first learn as much as possible about the game itself. With Beach Volleyball this means watching a couple of games and staying abreast of the current action and the best players and teams involved. This makes it a lot easier when the betting times come round for the punters to place accurate and well thought out bets. Additionally this game has some rather interesting moments for the fans who watch the games. In order then to properly approach this potential betting options we will first walk through some history and a rough structure of the game itself and from there dabble in the betting options.

The Sandy History of Beach Volleyball Sport

Reportedly Beach Volleyball first started out on the beaches of Hawaii as far back as 1915, which is a fair bit of historically involvement for a sport. This is where the beach side of this game first entered into the equation and made the experience one intrinsically linked to the seaside. From an island game this sport quickly rushed around the world and is now commonplace in many seaside places around the world. By the year 1996 this particular sport made it into the Olympic Games’ list of events and has been a substantial event since then. As of the current moment the top Olympic competitors in this sport are the USA and Brazil.

Methods of Beach Volleyball Gameplay Styles Available

Clearly the game of Beach Volleyball is one that has left an impact on sporting history and opened up a lot of competitive opportunity on the sand. Whilst the history of the game helps us shape an opinion and an understanding with the sport, the rules and gameplay allow us to predict the betting arrangement this game would carry and allow for some proper preparation. The way this sport is played is fairly similar to just volleyball, with a few added aspects involved. In this pursuit the punters will find the same basic structure of play where the objective is to get the ball to land on the opponent’s side of the court.

Betting Effects from Beach Volleyball Sports Game

Like with any sports game the gameplay has a trickle-down effect for the betting and so punters will learn a good deal from just watching the games. With Beach Volleyball the betting is also fairly intuitive and whilst there are the occasional more peculiar betting options, for the most part the punters will find themselves well prepared.

Hot As Hades

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Hot As Hades Online Slot

Telling the mythical story of Hades who has to quest through the underworld, Hot As Hades online slot is here for fans of great bonus games and big jackpots. This 20 payline slot is developed and released by Microgaming.

Hot As Hades has a randomly awarded free spins round with sticky wilds and the epic Quest Mode which has you navigating 4 levels of the Underworld in order to retrieve a powerful artefact. (more…)


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Eggomatic Slot by NetEnt

Eggomatic is a quirky 3D animated online video slot game produced by Net Entertainment. The opening video sequence sets the scene as a mechanical rooster discovers egg production is down at the local factory. The Rooster then invents a Eggomatic machine to save the day. The backdrop to the game is a view of the factory with the mechanical egg machine sitting beside the reels. The reels themselves are mechanical wires where the various chickens (reel symbols) perch. When a winning combination is achieved, an electric current is sent through the wire animating the various chickens involved. (more…)

Horse Racing

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Online Horse Racing Bets

Horse Racing is an internationally recognised sport that has a long and diverse history. For most people, horse racing and betting go hand in hand, or should that be hand in hoof. It attracts people from all walks of life. Online sports betting on Horse Racing is simple, informative and fun.

All you need to start taking part is to register and open an online casino or sports betting account and you can start making wagers from the comfort of your own home. (more…)


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Swedish Army Themed Hamilton Slot Online

pokie.biz – This is a rather unique slot game from Betsoft gaming, a top slot developer, in that it is themed toward a Swedish army movie and as such also predominantly done up in Swiss. The reels are decorated ornately with a desert appearance and war stricken atmosphere hanging over the game. The symbols on the reels of this slot are also army related, with thick concrete borders outlining the individual reels and making these same symbols all the more germane. So even if players haven’t seen the movie this Hamilton slot game is based on, they’re going to experience the atmosphere setup in the game. (more…)

Hall of Gods

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Norse Mythology NetEnt Hall of Gods Slot

It’s time to step back in time and then out of reality in this online Norse themed slot game from NetEnt. The theme of this Hall of Gods slot follows the prestigious and well-known Viking Gods of old, including many of the big name players, most notably Thor. The graphics of the slot are well done, so too the general setup and theme portrayal. So whether or not players fall in love with this theme choice is up to them, but the developers at NetEnt have given it a solid go with this one. (more…)

Hairway to Heaven

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Online Fairy-tale Slot Hairway to Heaven

Aside from the rather obnoxious pun in the title this slot game fairs well when compared to many other online slots at the moment. Hairway to Heaven is themed on a rather comical take of the fairy-tale Rapunzel, with the characters, colour and overall whimsy to boot. The game was developed by RTG, a prominent member of this much sought after industry, and so from the get go experienced players will already have an idea of what level of slot game to expect from this one. (more…)

Grand Monarch

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Grand Slot Play with Grand Monarch

IGT games provider, a reputable and popular online gaming solution and software developer, has really created a slot game of the grander kind with the release of its Grand Monarch slot. Suitable for all players, whether beginners or experienced slot players, high rollers or penny-watchers, this slot provides hours of online fun for everyone, anytime, anywhere.

With five reels and a high betting potential in the form of 50 paylines, this online entertaining slot game really makes for rewarding real money gaming as it is loaded with many ways to win and money-boosting features. (more…)

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