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NBL Betting Options

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NBL Betting Options

For New Zealand punters interested in betting on the NBL, a proper understanding of what is on offer is vital.

Many bettors are not aware that basketball is, in fact, one for the world’s 10 most popular sports, and boasts a following of more than 400 million people worldwide, although the strongest fan bases are still in the USA and Canada. Today, excitingly, it is not just the major leagues like the NBA that grab fans’ attention either –thanks to the spread of the sport to countries like China, Australia and New Zealand, many lesser-known leagues like the NZNBL are also gaining more exposure in the international arena.


The Biggest Moments in All Black History

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The Biggest Moments in All Black History

All Blacks players will do almost anything to stay in the game, knowing full well that there is always an equally-hungry player waiting on the sidelines in order to steal their spots should they decide to step down. This article looks at some of the most extraordinary moments in this team’s history when the athletes simply played on despite incredible injuries.


sports betting strategy

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Ultimate Sports Betting Strategy Tips

Kiwis love their sports, with the world becoming smaller each and every day thanks to the power of modern technology, participation in global events has become an everyday occurrence.

Sports’ betting is one of New Zealand’s favourite pastimes; punters opting for land or online platforms may feel overwhelmed as to what all the numbers, graphs and biometric data means.


Sports Betting

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Sports Betting Online

New Zealanders love their sports betting, which stands to reason, given that the country is known for its excellent performance in many classic sports. One can hardly mention cricket or rugby without also mentioning that New Zealand is one of the top competitors. In fact, some would say that New Zealand virtually dominates in almost every sport it competes in, which is no small accomplishment for a little island at the corner of the globe.


Beach Tennis

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Shoreline Paddle Ball with Beach Tennis Betting

There are a rather ridiculous number of sports from all over the world. However a couple of these have made notable entry onto the international scale and the game of Tennis is certainly one of them. So big is it in fact that it even made the rather counterintuitive transition to a sandy surface, in the form of Beach Tennis. The reason this works though is because the game is played with a volleyball influence to it and so players keep it off the ground at all times. There are still those aspects that relate to the original game itself, so punters who are familiar with the traditional sport will have little trouble understanding these changes made to this one.



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Eggomatic Slot by NetEnt

Eggomatic is a quirky 3D animated online video slot game produced by Net Entertainment. The opening video sequence sets the scene as a mechanical rooster discovers egg production is down at the local factory. The Rooster then invents a Eggomatic machine to save the day. The backdrop to the game is a view of the factory with the mechanical egg machine sitting beside the reels. The reels themselves are mechanical wires where the various chickens (reel symbols) perch. When a winning combination is achieved, an electric current is sent through the wire animating the various chickens involved.


Horse Racing

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Online Horse Racing Bets

Horse Racing is an internationally recognised sport that has a long and diverse history. For most people, horse racing and betting go hand in hand, or should that be hand in hoof. It attracts people from all walks of life. Online sports betting on Horse Racing is simple, informative and fun.

All you need to start taking part is to register and open an online casino or sports betting account and you can start making wagers from the comfort of your own home.


Hopman Cup Betting Options Online

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The World of Hopman Cup Betting at Online Bookmakers

The Hopman Cup is an international indoor hard court tennis tournament that takes place once a year in Perth, situated in Western Australia. It usually takes place in early January of every year, although it has been known to start in late December as well, and mixed-gender teams face off against one another on a country-by-country basis in the final rounds of this Cup.


5 Dragons Slot Alternatives

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A Guide To 5 Dragons Slot Alternatives

In the world of online slot games, there are thousands of different titles. Each one has been created so as to appeal to a different segment of the market. However, every once in a while, a game emerges that immediately ticks all the boxes and becomes a firm favourite amongst the majority of players around the world. One such game is 5 Dragons.

This game has a perfect mix of excellent graphics and great functionality and as a result, appeals to a considerably large audience. However, if you have played this game plenty of times and are looking for 5 Dragons slot alternatives, see below. The games listed here have all been well crafted to ensure supreme entertainment value.


Sweepstakes Online

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The Basics of Sweepstakes Online

Sweepstakes are a form of competition that has been used for decades by a variety of companies and corporations. These lottery-style competitions are a valuable marketing tool for companies, who use them to draw participants’ attention to a new product or service they wish to promote to the public.

As well as marketing, sweepstakes are used as a way to draw attention to the company in general, and also to award lucky winners a cash prize or gift, for which they provide an endorsement for the product being advertised in return.


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