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The New Age Of Gambling – Bitcoin Casinos

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Money is what makes the world go round and the recent fluctuations in the market and the unstable ground over the past decade in major parts of the world led to the creation of a new currency, a digital currency that has revolutionized the way we have thought of money so far and the things we were able to do with it. This has undoubtedly been felt in many areas of our lives and there are a number of companies, stores and food production corporations, even banks that have started accepting bit coin as the currency of payment. It comes as little to no surprise that this new innovation found its way into the area of gambling and casinos and caused quite a change there as well.

For a person that has not been informed about bitcoin or is just finding out about it from this article, it is important to know that it is a virtual currency that works on a system that is based on complex mathematical equations, users that spend their time on the network using their machines to solve those equations, are rewarded with bitcoins as a side-effect. Their price in comparison to a dollar was tremendous at the start of the entire operation where 1 bicoin was worth up to 2000$ at one point, however, there is a finite number of bitcoins that can be farmed and their price has dropped since more and more are used as currency.

There is one advantage that the use of bitcoin offers in conjunction with the use of virtual wallets is the complete anonymity. This is especially useful for players that want to casino games and stay hidden from the eyes of the government or anyone else who would wish to intrude on their privacy. Therefore, a number of sites offering bitcoin casino games have found their business in using this situation and have sprung up all over the internet. The perks of these sites is that they retain all the traditional games and many new and improved ones that players know and love, but they also include the advantage of paying in bitcoin. This aside from the anonymity factor has a great appeal for a lot of the players since there is some belief that this is the currency that will be taken up by the whole world at some point so people are starting to save up on bitcoin as much as possible.

From a vast selection of games available in bitcoin casinos, one extra characteristic and advantage over the regular online casinos is that the fees of charging the money transfer are extremely low or non-existing entirely in some cases. Therefore the cut of the money that would normally be taken by PayPal for instance is completely eliminated since the transactions are not conducted by banks or any companies like that. Those are some of the advantages of using bitcoin and playing at bitcoin online casinos, so enjoy yourself and bid wisely.

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