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Pachinko The New Online Casino Sensation

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There is a, new to America, arcade game growing in popularity and, now it’s offered by online casinos called, Pachinko. It’s origins come from the 1920’s Nagoya, Japan where it was first developed and played as an adult pastime game.


It quickly spread through out the whole country and it didn’t take long to turn it into a device for gambling. It shares many similarities with the old American Pinball machines we grew up with as children. If your old enough to remember those Pinball Arcades then you probably remember how much fun they use to be to play. The similarities include shooting a metal ball into the playing field where it gets manipulated by falling into various obstacles such as pegs, traps and capturing devices.


Pachinko is played vertically and not on a sloping horizontal table, however. In addition, in Pachinko there are many little balls used simultaneously, triggering a multitude of different effects and events. The primary objective is to collect as many of these balls as possible at the end of play and this determines what you can win.


The machines were all mechanical to begin with, but sophisticated electronics have evolved them to a point where they also share characteristics of Video Slots. On some of them there is a screen in the center where one tries to match three symbols or numbers during the course of play, adding to the complexity and excitement of the game. There are many lights and sounds corresponding to what is currently happening and lots of surprise features like a spot popping open for a ball to go into and win extra jack pots, bonuses, or more balls to play with.


In Japan gambling is illegal so they find ways to work around this like, paying out in tokens that can then be traded at other off site locations for real money. If it’s any indication of just how popular playing Pachinko has become in Japan, there are over 17,000 parlors dedicated to these machines. Casinos around the world are quickly picking up on this fascinating game of chance and, where it is legal you can play for the big bucks.


Anyone who is familiar with the Slots knows how many different versions and themes there are choose from, this is also true Pachinko machines. One other little fun fact is, fans of the T.V. Game Show The Price Is Right have seen the popular Plinko game, it’s roots came from Pachinko. There are a lot more exciting elements to this game than can be easily described. The sights and sounds, the anticipation, and thrill of winning, one has just got to experience it first hand. People who try it for the first time will tell you it’s even more fun than the Slots because, there is so much more going on to entertain you and, lots of ways to win. So, everyone is encouraged to go online find a good Casino and get the ball rolling!

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