Playing classic and new lottery games in-store and online.

An Easy Guide to Playing New Lottery Games Online

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In most countries around the world, state or national lotteries have been around for many years. In most cases, the lotteries are run by the government or are contracted to companies to run the lottery on behalf of the state. Profits from the lottery go towards the lottery funds that support housing developments, local charities and non profit organisations. For the players, the lottery is an opportunity to win life changing money. Today, many lotteries have weekly draws as well as daily draw games, scratch cards and new lottery instant win games that can be played in-store or online.

The Arrival of Online Lotto Websites

Not too long ago, playing the lottery meant heading down to your local supermarket or stockist and buying a lottery ticket. The draws took place once a week and announced during a television program where players would await with baited breath. Today playing the lottery has become even easier. Since the arrival of the internet and rapid development the online community, many new lottery draw games can be played instantly online using your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Playing Virtual Lotto

In order to play the internet lottery, the first thing a player has to do is register on the lotto site in the similar way, online gamblers signing up at mobile slots sites in Canada. Once the player has registered, they can go online and play any draw game or instant win game at any time. In addition to the standard weekly draw games, many state and national lotteries have introduced a host of daily draw games as well as new lottery instant win games and virtual scratch card games. The main draw games can be played simply by entering the numbers on the virtual ticket for the draw. Players can either pay by direct deposit or by credit card.

Daily Draws and Instant Wins

In addition to the main draw games, online lottery websites hold daily draws. These do not have the high payout of the weekly draws but always have a guaranteed win each day. The daily draw games include a pick 5, pick 4 and a pick 3 game where players simply have to chose a from a set of 54 numbers and insert them into the virtual ticket. The draws take place at the end of the day and the results are posted online. Online lotteries also include a number of new lottery scratch card games where players can win instantly online.

Lottery Keno, Bingo and Poker

As with the land-based scratch card games, online scratches come in many forms and can either be a scratch and win or a pull tab game. Players can play instant scratch games on their mobile device or on their computer using the mouse to scratch off the metallic surface. Some online lottery sites also offer a whole range of new lottery bingo, keno and poker games. These are very similar to the online casino games found at leading online casinos. The keno and bingo games are played by picking as set of numbers and getting paid out by how many are drawn by the random number generator. With the lotto poker games, 5 cards are randomly dealt to the player. If the player receives a winning poker hand they will win an instant cash prize.

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