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Jacks or Better

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Net Entertainment’s Jacks or Better

Net Entertainment were one of the first providers of online software since originating in 1996. Based in Sweden Net Entertainment, who is also known simply as NetEnt, has provided a large amount of the best online video slots including their version of Jacks or Better online video poker.

The software developer’s version follows the conventional rules of the game but the graphics stay true to Net Entertainment’s classic range with sleek displays. The game is set on a backdrop view of a virtual machine interface within a casino. The look and feel of this game is less like a traditional video poker machine and is based more on a modern type of computer game.

How to Play Jacks or Better

The Jacks or Better online video poker game is generally played with one hand but there are versions offering multiple hands of five or ten. Net Entertainment’s Jacks or Better follows the same rules so a deck of fifty two cards is used which are shuffled before every hand.

There are five different betting levels which means up to five coins of varying values can be placed on each hand and once the bets are in order the five cards are dealt face up. Any selection of cards can be held especially if they show potential to making up any possible poker hand. Once the selection is held the deal button is clicked to discard the rest of the cards and deal in the remaining spaces. This is then the final deal and the hand can immediately be evaluated for any winning poker hands. The pay out per bet level is displayed on the pay table which is visible throughout the game and adjusts itself with any change of betting level. The aim is to hold any standard poker hand or a jacks or better pair which means any two jacks, queens, kings or aces will pay out but no pair with a lesser value than the jack is a viable hand.

Jacks or Better Game Settings

The Jacks or Better online video poker games by Net Entertainment offer possible settings that can be adjusted throughout the game. These settings are accessible through the wrench icon in the bottom left hand corner of the screen. The volume level of all the sound effects can be adjusted, a fast play feature automatically deals the cards and holds the best possible selection and there are settings to always enable or completely disable the gamble feature.

The Jacks or Better Gamble Feature

There is a chance to double any winnings by playing the Net Entertainment Jacks or Better video poker gamble feature game after a win has occurred.  A new screen will become visible with options on both the left and the right side of the screen. On the left hand side is the option to choose whether a card will be red or black and the right hand side shows the option to choose the suit of the card. The aim is to correctly guess either option in order to double the winning amount that has been gambled. If guesses are correct the feature can continue until a wrong guess occurs or the collect button is clicked. Any wrong guess results in the gambled amount being lost.

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