iPad Vegas three card rummy – See how low you can go!

iPad Vegas three card rummy

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Play iPad Vegas Three Card Rummy Anywhere

First there were casinos, and many dedicated games fans decided they were loads of fun. Then along came the online casino, and avid players learnt that they could enjoy just as much fun without having to enter a real-world casino, simply by logging into online casino sites via desktop or laptop. Now, with the advent of 3G and 4G smart phones and a range of compact, powerful tablets, those who love to challenge games of chance can get their thrills practically anywhere, at any time. Many have discovered a new passion for iPad Vegas three card rummy.

The capabilities of the iPad make for an authentic casino experience, and the fast, easy-to-follow nature of Vegas three card rummy itself makes it a game well suited to enjoying a few hands while on the move, or otherwise out and about. Those who indulge in iPad Vegas three card rummy on a regular basis say it’s like carrying the casino in your briefcase or backpack, ready for some online betting action whenever you get the chance.

Going Lower than the Dealer

What makes iPad Vegas three card rummy almost unique among casino games is the fact that players are not aiming for a high score. In fact, they’re trying to get a point count as low as possible, but certainly lower than the dealer’s, which is how to win. It’s a straight, one-on-one, player-versus-dealer game, in which the player places an ante bet and the dealer deals them each three cards. The player’s hand is dealt face-up, the dealer’s face-down.

The player then evaluates the hand, and decides whether to fold and lose the ante, or raise the bet to increase their winnings if they can beat the dealer. Remember, in iPad Vegas three card rummy, it’s the lowest score that wins; in fact, the dealer does not qualify to play unless the dealer’s hand totals 20 or less. Cards are ranked as they would be in poker, except that Aces are always low, counting as 1. Pairs, three of a kind, runs of two and runs of three are all scored the same: as zero points.

Cards that do not fit a pair or a run are counted at their face value. In other words, the better a hand would rank in poker, the lower its point value. Three aces, for example count as zero. If the dealer does not qualify, the player wins even money on the ante bet (no matter what they have in their own hand) and the raise bet is pushed. If the dealer qualifies and there is a tie, both bets are pushed. If the dealer qualifies but is beaten by the player’s hand, the ante bet pays even money and the raise bets is paid depending on the winning combo, based on a payout table.

The Choice is Yours

There are lots of free casinos that operate on credits only, for people who like gambling games purely for fun, and just as many real-money mobile casinos catering for players who do like to risk real cash in the hopes of winning more of the same. There are hundreds to choose from, each offering several variations of the popular casino games, some of which are specifically coded for optimal performance on the iPad. When you consider the iPad’s functionality, its large screen and its excellent sound and graphics, players have a huge range of choices when it comes to iPad Vegas three card rummy. It’s anywhere, anytime, online gambling entertainment.

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