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Horse Racing

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Online Horse Racing Bets

Horse Racing is an internationally recognised sport that has a long and diverse history. For most people, horse racing and betting go hand in hand, or should that be hand in hoof. It attracts people from all walks of life. Online sports betting on Horse Racing is simple, informative and fun.

All you need to start taking part is to register and open an online casino or sports betting account and you can start making wagers from the comfort of your own home.

The Pros Of Online Sport Betting

Horse Racing is a very popular sport. There are many tournaments from many countries and often times if you go to a brick and mortar sports betting venue, you will be limited to the most popular events or only be able to play regional events.

Online Horse Racing betting sites more often than not allow a variety of wagers to be placed on many international events. You can also get fixtures, odds and up to date results. Many of the bigger sites can even provide live footage from events so you can be part of all the action.

Online betting provides players safe and secure betting that is often cheap and always convenient. Players can even download the casino or sports betting site’s application onto their smart phone for even more convenience.

Beginner Wager Options

Horse Racing has a large variety of wager options. These can vary from site to site so here are some of the most common wagers that can be placed on races.

Hunters Lodge leads the field in the Opus Energy Amateur Riders´ Handicap Chase during The Open Festival at Cheltenham Racecourse.

The simplest wager you can place is called the Win bet. As the name implies, you will be picking the winner of a race and receive a payout based on the odds attached to that win by the bookmaker.

A variation of this wager, with better odds, is the Place bet. Here your chosen horse must finish in the top two positions. The Show bet is picking a horse that will finish somewhere in the top three.

You can make a wager spread across these three types called the Across The Board bet in Horse Racing as well. With this bet you must pick one horse to finish first, one to make the Place bet and one to make the Show bet.

Expert Wager Options

Once you are more familiar with the participants in Horse Racing, you can start to make more complex wagers like the Exacta, Quinella and Trifecta wagers.

These wagers expand into the Daily Double and Daily Triple Wager. These bets all involve picking more exact results from the race which requires better knowledge of the individual participants.

Special Offers And Promotions

Horse racing wagers can also be placed into special betting pools offered at many online betting sites. These pools can function in a similar way to progressive jackpots offered in casino games. The prize of the pool will grow larger and larger until someone claims the win.

Additionally, Horse Racing betting sites often also give players promotions, bonus offers, loyalty points and more. These offers vary from casino to casino, so a little bit of research before you join a site goes a long way.

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